Dogs Balls. Handmade rope pet toys.

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Large Ball
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Medium Ball
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Large No Handle Natural

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Dogs Ball- Large without handle

Large Dogs Ball Without Handle!

If you don't want a handle on it, this one's for you !!

Versatility plus! This ball can't be beat. Give your large breed dog something they can really get their teeth into. Big enough for a challenge to any dog, slightly larger than a tennis ball. Plenty of weight so you can throw it a long way. Not too large for cats.
Tightly knotted: Guaranteed to never come undone. The fibres are soft but DOGS BALLS are hard. The braid of the rope and the tight tying technique makes a strong, robust, durable product.
DOGS BALLS are incredibly durable but are not quite indestructible. If you have a dog that gnaws it is recommended, to maintain longevity, that you don't leave it for long periods alone with it's Dogs Ball. On the other hand it is preferable to occasionally replace a Dogs Ball than expensive shoes, furniture, clothing etc. that a compulsive chewer can damage.
Dyed* just because some people like bright colours! We aim to please. Can help with visibility, but doesn't help with the floating aspect. In fact they don't float. If you want a Dogs Ball that floats you should get a Natural** Dogs Ball.

 Ball diameter = 9cm = 3 1/2 inches
 Rope diameter = 9mm = 3/8 inch

* Currently only available in red but soon to be a whole range of colours.
** All DOGS BALLS are made from 100% natural fibre. The term 'natural' here refers to the fact that the rope has not been dyed.

Pricing: Australian Dollars

Description Price AU$
Large Natural without Handle 26.90
Large Dyed without Handle 28.90

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