Dogs Balls. Handmade rope pet toys.

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The DOGS BALLS Returns Policy !
A Guarantee of Quality !!

DOGS BALLS are handmade from Australian natural fibre rope. DOGS BALLS are a general purpose pet toy. Ideal for dogs but also useful for other pets and whatever else you might care to use them for. The responsibility for what a DOGS BALL is used for is up to the consumer. DOGS BALLS has no liability to any damages caused by the misuse or abuse of our products. Always use in a thoughtful manner.
DOGS BALLS are fully guaranteed against faulty craftsmanship or faults in the rope. The handles cannot be pulled out. All dyes are non-toxic colourfast. Every effort is made to ensure that your Dogs Ball arrives to you promptly, in good condition and made to a very exacting and high standard. If for any reason you are dissatisfied with your Dogs Ball simply return it along with an explanation of the circumstances and we will happily refund your money. Dogs Balls will deduct any expenses incurred that relate to the return of the product and/or credit card reprocessing. DOGS BALLS is a registered business in Queensland Australia and operates under Australian law.

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